Damp proof courses, timber preservation techniques and woodworm treatment are necessary to eradicate the potentially devastating effects of damp and rot. Depending on the severity of the problem at hand, the treatment for these problems can be very intrusive.

It’s quite possible that we may need to strip back to the bare walls in order to treat the structural timber, removing the existing plasterwork in the process. Whether we replace the timber or not, the likelihood is that the existing plaster will need to be removed.

However, there’s no need to worry. During the treatment process we can not only replace any rotten joists or timber, we can also carry out any re-plastering work which may be required. We won’t leave you with a job on your hands or the responsibility of sourcing a reputable plasterer to finish the job; you can rely on K & L Damp Proofing to carry out all remedial works. We can re-board and re-skim the walls and ceiling, ensuring your home is restored to normality before we leave.

Should you be concerned that your property is experiencing dampness of any scale, contact the specialists here at K and L Damp Proofing safe in the knowledge that we can offer our skills and expertise to remedy the problem.