Dampness can have pretty horrendous effects on your home, leading to fungal attacks, woodworm infestations and the growth of mould. If you notice damp starting to appear in your property, it’s vital to have the issue addressed as soon as possible. Dampness can affect human health as well as the integrity of your home.

Our highly experienced surveyors can assess your home and provide an accurate diagnosis. We are conversant in a wide range of damp proofing techniques and will implement the treatment which is most suited to your needs and the situation at your property.

Damp proofing is effectively the prevention and treatment of damp, which can cause significant problems for both the interior and exterior of your home which may become wet, cold and uncomfortable. We can implement solutions which prevent damp from entering your home and damaging your living space. This process prevents the likes of wet rising damp, wet rot and dry rot from making an appearance.


A damp proof course is the addition of a layer of waterproof material which is laid close to the base of foundation walls and prevents damp from rising. Damp proofing doesn’t need to be just a remedial action; it can also be used to ensure a dry, healthy building which is placed in a waterproof and weatherproof condition.


Wood boring beetles and signs of their activity are often found in structural roofing and flooring timbers. They infest joinery timbers such as skirting boards, paneling, architraves and doors. A tell-tale sign is usually the discovery of small holes (flight holes) and the bore dust which appear on the surface of timbers.

We will carry out a professional survey to determine the right course of treatment and provide our recommendations.


Dry rot is a very intrusive and destructive rotting fungi found in buildings. One of the first things you might notice is the appearance of fungi akin to a mushroom called sporophore.

Dry rot releases spores or fungal seeds and you may notice these deposits, which look like a gathering of red dust, close to the scene of intrusion. It spreads quickly throughout properties whilst remaining largely undetected; if you see dry rot forming, it’s a warning sign that there’s an attack happening and you should seek advice quickly.

We can determine the extent of the dry rot and track the source of the moisture which caused the attack and cure it. We will find the most sympathetic, yet effective, solution to the problem by commencing a survey, carrying out diagnostic analysis and monitoring, exposing and treating the dry rot.


If you suspect that your home is suffering with an outbreak of wet rot, you must ensure that a professional diagnosis is carried out. We are experienced specialists who can remedy wood rotting fungi.

Wet rot comes in two forms, white rot and brown rot. The good news is that both types of wet rot require significantly less work to eliminate them than dry rot. White and brown dry rot requires wet timber in order to maintain its life cycle and causes darkening of the damp timber and visible cracking.

We will identify the correct type of wet rot and provide professional advice to cure the outbreak and avoid unnecessary work.

If you are concerned about dampness in your home, one call to K&L Damp Proofing Ltd will enable you to arrange a survey and eradicate the problem.