If your home is in a flood risk area, it’s vital to make the necessary preparations in order to ensure that any likely damage is constrained as much as possible. The team at K & L Damp Proofing have been supplying and installing flood gates across Hull for many years, a product which should be fitted as soon as you receive a flood warning to stop water getting through your doors.

Another particularly effective flood prevention solution is the installation of fixed air bricks. If water penetrates your fixed air bricks, there are small spheres sitting in the bottom of the bricks which are designed to rise and block the air holes, preventing water from getting in through the walls during a flood.

We can also supply and fit submersible pumps which are designed to stop water seeping in via water tables (sloped ledges, located on an exterior wall, featuring drip mouldings which prevent water from spilling down the wall below), the submersible pump forces the water away.

It’s easy to forget that your toilet is also a potential inlet for flood water. We can supply specially designed seals which prevent the water from being forced up through the toilet and avoid a flooded bathroom.

For friendly advice and professional service from flood repair specialists based right here in Hull, contact the team at K & L Damp Proofing today.