Independent Certified Public Accountants in Redcar and Middlesbrough

Taxation Accountancy in Redcar and Middlesbrough

Navigating the minefield of taxation legislation has never been harder. The legislative programme of recent years has been more active than most. Let us help you find the safest and most efficient path with our qualified expertise. Helping you save money on your tax bill is our passion.

We can produce and file all your returns as necessary with HMRC, including Corporation Tax, Self Assessment and VAT Returns. We can also help you find the most effective structure and approach to achieve the lowest tax bill possible. Planning your tax affairs over the longer term is critical in achieving the best results with the taxman. As qualified professionals we can represent you when HMRC ask questions.

Enquiries and inspections from HMRC are common and routine, the way your answer and respond to these enquiries is important. We can help you navigate the process. Every single return will be checked & validated by a qualified CPAA or IFA accountant.

VAT Return Completion in Redcar and Middlesbrough

We can complete and file your VAT Returns. VAT is complicated and forever changing; HMRC enquiries in relation to VAT can be lengthy and costly. This is why it is critical that the process of VAT compliance is handled correctly. Needless to say VAT returns with mistakes are to be avoided. VAT penalties are now applied by HMRC for mistakes as well as late returns.

We can help you with your VAT compliance, this can be:

  • Advising you on the right and most cost effective VAT scheme for your business
  • Tax planning your VAT affairs
  • Providing the bookkeeping for your VAT return
  • Completing and filing the VAT return for you
  • Proving you with training to complete your VAT returns
  • Ensuring your accounting system and business is VAT compliant
  • Fielding VAT related enquiries and investigations from HMRC
  • Representing you during a VAT inspection
  • Applying for your VAT registration

Whatever your legal form, be it Limited Company, sole trader or partnership we can help you with your VAT returns and VAT compliance.

Start Up Services and Financial Advice for New Business in Redcar and Middlesbrough

Starting a business can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. It can also bring with it a breadth of intellectual, legislative and administrative pressures. We can help you navigate this difficult process with our experience and professional care, providing professional financial advice to help your new business grow.

Our start up services include:

  • Company set up and formation
  • Tax planning advice and registration
  • Business plan construction (if required)
  • Forecasting and budgeting (if required)
  • Registered office (if required)

Whatever your position (budding entrepreneur or start-up veteran), we can arrange a consultation to discuss your business' finance needs. We will supply a rundown of our costs and provide a fixed fee!

If you have any enquiries about our financial advice services for new business, get in touch with the team at Johnson & Co Accountants today.